Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dibble Dabbles

A Project for a studio class. Essentially it was broken up into 3 parts. Something tangible, something printable, and something viable through the screen (ie web-based)
What I did was create a doll that had it's own packaging (it looked like a McDonalds happy-meals only shaped like a briefcase), a set of business playing cards, and a flash based game. This was all done with a approx. 2 weeks to complete it. ;) I'm good.

The idea behind the entire piece was how do I communicate a solution that will hit the idea that adults loss their sense of curiosity and imagination. I didn't want it to be a negative kind of approach, "YOU! Stop going to Chili's every Friday, and making love on a Wednesday just because you are free those days ... and those are the days you do those things" but I did want to approach the idea that, maybe as we get older routine becomes safe and familiar, and how can I shake things up. Some long thought went into this, but after a while I settled on Dibble Dabbles. (A play on the words, to Dabble and Fiddle-Faddle) Essentially it's a small portable game that plays on the idea of exchanging cards. You pass along a Dibble Dabble Business card, the person does it and passes it on. Or maybe you play it on your own and hope to go through the whole deck one card at a time. Either way, for a moment the person was creative and imaginative and managed to shack their routine even if by small increments at a time.

The cards above were sized like business cards and in a pack of 52. The first 3 being the top of the cards. The idea behind it is that it is in a format where it didn't feel like a child's game, but still inspired childlike creativity.


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